5 Easy Tips To Up Your Sustainability Game

Happy Earth Month friends!!

Whenever I see new growth during springtime it reminds me of fresh starts and new beginnings. Over the last couple years weaving sustainable habits into daily life has definitely been more challenging. That is why I wanted to share with you five easy tips to help you green up your lifestyle. Speaking from the experiences in my sustainability journey, I have found success with incorporating new practices when they are easy and slip into my daily life with ease. So that is my goal for you. Set the easy factor high so that you can be successful.

Here we go!

1. 5 Minute showers. The energy used to heat up water coupled with extensive water use is not the best for our dear Mother Earth depleting natural resources. Limiting the time you spend in the shower is easy, free ( actually it will save you money) and it can make a sizeable impact over time.

2. Save your veggies scraps. Make a broth or blend and bake with them. See how creative you can be with limiting your household's organic waste.

3. Drive less, walk more. We all need to get our body moving so how about choosing some no emission errands that you can complete while walking or riding your bike. Ditching your car results in less emissions, less pollution and is so great for your mental and physical health. 

4. Invest in reusables. This might cost you some money up front but the long term savings will make up for it. Every time you cover food wth saran wrap or pack a sandwich in a ziplock bag you are essentially throwing money down the drain. Invest in tupperware, silicone storage bags or beeswax wrap. Hot Tip: You can cover a bowl with a plate.

5. Refill. My favourite tip obviously. Stop paying for expensive single use packaging and start paying only for the contents of what you purchased. Refilling and shopping in bulk is cheaper, better for the planet and in my personal opion so fun. 

Now that you're armed with some easy to tackle sustainability tips consider putting up reminder notes in places so that you can remember your tips when you need them like a 5 minute shower post it note on your bathroom mirror. 

You've got this!

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