Gift Guide For The Busy Body

 Our third Gift Guide for 2022 has officially dropped and this one's made for the human that always is on the run or has places to go. We wanted to inspire sustainable choices that are right at your finger tips because let's be honest, when you're busy its easy to choose what's convenient. And most of the time that's plastic and not the best for the environment. So here are some of our fav everyday items that you can stash in your car or bag and make sustainable living the easiest choices. 

Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

Wheat straw cutlery set

The perfect gift for the busy bee on your shopping list. This cutlery set is easy to pack up to use for on the go meals and is made from wheat straw (the left over grains and shaft that are removed from a wheat stalk).  Made from wheat straw. Wheat straw is what is left after the grains and shaft are removed from a wheat stalk. It is highly renewable and at this time is labeled as “agricultural waste”.

Rezip Bags

Rezip Bags

We use these bags for everything! From snacks to leftover food, you can store all sorts of goodies in these reuseable bags. Once you're done with them, just pop them into the dishwasher for a good clean. They're food grade, freezer safe and BPA-free! One ReZip replaces up to 300 disposable bags. Dishwasher safe, food grade, freezer safe and BPA-free.

Chickpeace Organic Mountain Munch Mix

You'll go nuts for these easy (and yummy!) snacks! We carry a wide selection of bulk nuts that are the perfect treat when you're on the go. From cashews to beer nut almonds, there's something for everyone!

The Market Bags Upcycled Snack Bags

The Market Bags

Speaking of snacks, what better way to pack up your beer nut almonds than with a cute handmade, up-cycled, reuseable snack bag? The Market Bags are perfect for dry snacks, and when you're done with them, just pop them into the washing machine! Handmade, lightweight, up-cycled cotton, drawstring bags. 4"x6" - material does not stretch. Machine washer and dryer friendly but recommend laying flat to dry. Perfect for dry snacks.

Wooden Coconut Chopsticks

Wooden Coconut Chopsticks

What makes these chopsticks so special? Not only are they 100% natural, but they're made from the palm wood of old coconut trees that are unable to produce fruit anymore. Each pair of chopsticks is also hand carved by a local artist. Talk about a unique gift!  Did you know that these coconut chopsticks are 100% natural and made from palm wood of old coconut trees! Harvested from old coconut trees that are unable to produce fruit anymore, local artists carve these one of a kind chopsticks.

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws

The perfect addition to a holiday beverage! Accent your drinks and cocktails with compostable, bamboo straws. They're super sturdy and won't collapse on you. Cheers! Accent your drinks and cocktails with our compostable bamboo straws. You'll be surprised at how sturdy and strong these straws actually are. And they won't collapse on you either. These are sure to outlast the drink they are served with.

Chickpeace Market Tote Bag

Market Tote Bag

Who doesn't love a tote bag? Especially one as cute as this! Store all the things in one of The Market Bags totes and say buh-bye to single use plastic bags for good! The perfect tote for all your things.

Bambu Spork


It's a spoon, it's a's a spork! This bamboo spork is perfect for being on the go or for your camping trips. It's perfectly compact, lightweight and eco-friendly. Just toss it in your bag and go! Compact, lightweight and eco-friendly. This naturally anti-microbial organic bamboo spork is perfect for camping or on-the-go

Now Designs Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless Steel water bottle

Getting in 8 cups of water when you're on the go has never been easier! These double-walled, stainless steel water bottles will keep your liquids cold for 24 hours. The wide mouth with bamboo lid makes them easy to fill, while the steel handle makes this canteen-style vessel perfect for all your adventures! This double-walled stainless steel water bottle keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. A wide mouth with a bamboo lid makes it easy to fill, while a steel handle makes this canteen-style vessel perfect for outdoor adventures.

Routine Deodorant

Routine Deodarant

Sometimes being on the go is the pits! That's why we recommend Routine deodorant. These deodorants sticks are made with cardboard exterior and 100% post-consumer recycled plastic that twist up on the inside. 50% less plastic than conventional deodorant tubes and its sure to keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day long. 

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