Are toxic free cleaning products important to you?

Yes! A millions times yes!

We have two words for you. Endocrine disrupters. 

There's so many reason to choose non toxic cleaning products. Our main motivation is the health of our internal and external environment. If the products you are using are toxic for the planet they will be just as bad for your body. Consitently using cleaning products with toxic agents in them can wreak havoc on your health and have been correlated to pathogens that are linked to hormonal issues, allergies and even cancer. Because we care about YOU and the PLANET, we've made it our mission to bring in only the cleanest and greenest cleaning products to Chickpeace. 

Let us introduce you to the three brands that we carry. You might be wondering why we dont carry more? Well these three brands are founded in British Colombia, offer bulk refills and they are made with ingredients we can stand behind. 

Mint Cleaning

Mint Cleaning

Straight out of Ucluelet and founded by two incredible boss babes, Mint Cleaning products are equally as incredible as their founders. They have a top shelf arsenal of cleaning products that really work. The reason they started their business was because they were fed up with the toxic products that were on the market and they decided to take it upon themselves to create some change. And that they did. All of their products should be in your cupboards but if we could suggest just one it would be the Cleaning Scrub. This product does it all. From removing stains, cleaning your bathroom and sanitizing your dishwasher. This is the product that everyone needs in their homes.

Nellies Clean

Nellies cleaning

This brand is a fan favourite for so many of our customers. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC we continue to be inspired by the sustainability improvements Nellies continues to make. From glass spray bottles, removing plastic in their tins and offering bulk options on so many of their products we can't help but fangirl over a brand that creating some real social change. Their ingredients are simple and we find that families with young children especially love the Baby Soda for a more gentle wash and Oxygen Brightener to find those nasty stains. Oh and did we mention the stain remover? Now this stick is pure magic and worth every penny.  


Sapadilla bulk

One of our favourite cleaning brands that's known for its concentrated solutions and the dreamiest scents. This Canadian born brand has exploded over the years and provides bulk refills for all of its products. Aside from being made with great ingredients this brand is sold at a fantastic price point that will align with any budget. For example, their All Purpose solution is heavily concentrated and you only need 1tbsp per 4L of water.  When we say a little goes a long way we mean it.

You can find all of these amazing brands in store at our refillery or online as well!

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