The Beginning

It all started with a girl wanting to save the world...

Our Vision

Imagine a world where plastic free living was the norm? Accessibility, price and quality were never an issue. What if there was no trash at all?

At Chickpeace we're on a mission to manifest this dream into a reality. This is the path we are headed on. Join us?

Our Mission

To change the world.

To raise reduce our dependence on single use plastics.  

To remove barriers towards living a zero waste lifestyle.

To empower you to be the change

Our Story

Allisha Heidt is no stranger to sustainability. Graduating from the Okanagan’s UBC campus, Allisha completed her post graduate studies in sustainability planning and has worked on numerous community related waste, energy and water reduction projects over the last decade.  Allisha has always been passionate about empowering others to create a better planet for us to live in.  

The problem was that waste management issues around the world were increasing and the health of our planet was continuing to decline.  Allisha was beginning to get inspired on a soul level by local and global change makers that were offering solutions to communities to make change. Allisha wanted to contribute to this movement as well. 

In 2019, Allisha decided to commit to Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goal #12 Ensure Sustainability Consumption and Production Patterns. 

And so the dream of Chickpeace, a zero waste refillery, was born. Allisha founded Chickpeace because she wanted to remove the barriers around living a low waste life. She opened her zero waste refillery in June 2020 with the goal of providing package free food security to her community while provide lifestyle options to support the zero waste movement. Her refillery has consciously curated zero waste bulk + lifestyle products available locally and online. 

Allisha designed the refill store for consumers just like her. Ethical and conscious shoppers that want to know the origin of their products, how it was produced and if the ingredients and materials align with sustainable practices In a nutshell these are folks that are socially responsible, eco-minded and don’t mind investing a little extra in the products that make their internal and external environments thrive. Allisha is a huge supporter of the local business community and intends to support as many Canadian made brands and products as possible.

Like most things Allisha sets to accomplish, she thinks big. Her future plans for the business include zero waste corporate consulting to help organizations reduce their waste outputs and to found a non profit society that offers a sustainability skills training program designed to help marginalized women improve their employment skills.