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Rad Jamz

Rad Jamz | Jams & Jellies


Low sugar jams made right here in The Okanagan. Pairs well with scones, shortcake, smoothies, muffins, yogurt, pancakes, and blue cheese. For the best flavour, keep refrigerated once opened & enjoy within two weeks of opening.

Strawberry Rhubarb: strawberry, rhubarb, sugar, apple juice, maple syrup, pectin

Blueberry Vanilla: blueberries, sugar, apple juice, maple syrup, pectin, vanilla extract

Raspberry Balsamic: raspberries, sugar, apple juice, balsamic, maple syrup, pectin

Peachy Caramel: peaches, sugar, apple juice, maple syrup, pectin, lemon juice, caramel extract

Toasted Coconut Apricot: apricot, sugar, apple juice, coconut, maple syrup, pectin

Red Pepper Jelly: red peppers, sugar, apple cider vinegar, jalapeño, pectin

Strawberry Chili Jelly: strawberry juice, sugar, pectin, chili

Rad Jamz | Jams & Jellies