Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Elate Cosmetics

Are you a conscious consumer?

Is it important to you to support business that are making a social impact?

Do the ingredients that you put on and in your body matter?


Allow us to introduce you to Elate Cosmetics. We started carrying this brand at Chickpeace Zero Waste Refillery because this business, the founder and all of their products completely aligned with everything we are passionate about. We believe that we can achieve the greatest change for our planet when we collaborate with other like minded humans. So this partnership was a no brainer.

Here are our Top 5 reason that we think you should consider brining Elate into your world too!

1. Ingredients

Elate's ingredients are either 75% organic or fair trade. They value not only the quality  of ingredients but also want to ensure the workers are treated fairly and ethically. Did we mentioned that all Elate products are vegancruelty free and made with kindness?

2. Packaging

Sustainable packaging for all of our brands is a must.  Elate's products check off all the boxes.  Their bamboo packaging is FSC certified and fair trade.

The lids on their lip and eye pencils is actually referred to as a 'sustainable bio cap' and can be commercial composted. They also offer refill options on many products that come wrapped in seed paper. Did we mentioned they take back all of their packaging so that they can recycle it properly too? 

3. Woman Owned

The Founder/CEO of Elate Cosmetics is Melodie Reynolds. She is a champion for women owned business, passionate about sustainable beauty and climate action. A social impact entrepreneur after our own hearts. 

Yup, we sure are swooning over here. 

4. Minimalist Products

One of the reasons our community loves Elate so much is the multi use aspect of so many of their products.

What do we mean by that? Let us explain.          

Elate's Better Balm and lip pencils make an amazing blush and their mascara is perfect for sprucing up your eye brows. Their pressed cheek powers could double as eye color too.

You could purchase just a few items and find yourself with a complete skin care ritual. We love the minimalist mindset to these products. You can achieve a subtle daily look or evening glam with essentially the same products.

Are you as elated as us? (see what we did there?)

5. Social Impact

Last and certainly not least we are over the moon in love with Elate's commitment to social impact.  As a B Corporation certified business this means Elate has met the highest standards of certified social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Basically this means they are using their business as a force of good

Last time we checked we need more businesses following in Elate's footsteps. 

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