7 Things to Consider Before we hit Black Friday

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As we enter the season of giving, how does conscious consumption play into the purchasing choices we make? We have teamed up with The Purposeful You in Victoria to talk Black Friday for a moment.... 7 things to think about. 

It is in our culture to consume. We “need” things to survive or tools to help us live a better life for ourselves and the planet. We tend to seek opportunities to spend money through sales. We also seem to purchase large quantities when these sales occur. Black Friday is the epitome of this dynamic. 

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So what do we do? 

Do we miss the opportunity to save money as we enter the holiday season? Are their items you have wanted for ever that are sustainably made that you can finally get a deal on? How about finding some balance between the purchases we make and businesses we choose to support?

In our humble opinion, no one is perfect, and we honestly believe that we are all trying our best. Often we just need a little bit of support. So here’s The Purposeful You & Chickpeace Zero Waste collaborating to help you out:

7 things to consider before purchasing on Black Friday
  1. Make a list. Whether it is for yourself or loved ones. It is an opportunity to purchase sustainably & ethically made products as they usually cost more.  
  2. Support Local! Many small businesses try to find some ways to offer savings during Black Friday or Cyber Monder. Check out their sales first!
  3. Support companies that are giving back. This is the day you truly vote with your money, why not support a cause at the same time?
  4. Do your research. Who are the companies you are buying from? What are the working conditions for their employees and what sustainable practices do they have in place? Their product may be made of plastic but they could be creating sustainability in other ways. 
  5. If you are buying for yourself, ask yourself if you really need it? Sometimes you just need to question yourself and see if this purchase is based on ‘want’ or ‘need’.
  6. Packaging: Look into how the items will be sent to you, companies who use paper only or compostable mailers will tell you on their website.
  7. Shop Purposefully. It is the intention behind the choices that really counts. We don’t need to be perfect, we just need to be aware of the choices we make.

      Photo credit Kristen Elise Photography

We want to remind everyone that perfection doesn't amount to sustainability. And that is ok. Every small action adds up. Its easier and more effective to take consistent little steps towards a big goal then to leap once or twice. 

This Black Friday, shop with purpose, create new habits and feel good about it all! 

Tasha & Allisha

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