Miiko Skin Co

Mini Cocoa Whip Moisturizer


This little jar of heaven is the perfect products to throw in your bag and have at all times to nourish dry hands, elbows, and even your lips! YES! This products contains edible ingredients such as raw extra-virgin organic coconut oil, extra-virgin blood orange olive oil, and raw organic cocoa butter! Only a few ingredients away from being chocolate! 

Use this Mini Cocoa Whip in lieu of a hand moisturizer throughout the day. If you are a frequent hand washer or have chronic symptoms of dry skin on your hands like eczema we recommend having this product available to moisturize your hands after washing.

There are no added essential oils to this product. Everything you smell is from the raw cocoa butter, coconut oil, and orange olive oil. This product is safe enough to put on your hands and lips and not worry about eating a little bit here and there. We do not recommend you actually eat this product... skin food only!

The key is to only apply a little at a time and apply to the backs of your hands first! It can take some time for your skin to adapt to using an oil-based moisturizer over a water-based product... but once it does you will likely never go back!

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